Receiving technical support for your computer has been difficult for many people in recent years. Unfortunately a great deal of information was lost through the process of verbal communications, which led to frustration and lengthy support sessions. Especially when language barriers prevent clear communication the support process can become overwhelmingly frustrating.

Many larger companies such as Microsoft and Symantec, have been using remote shared desktop software which allows them to access your computer with your permission. A shared desktop allows them to see what you see on the computer and both users have mouse and keyboard control. When this shared access is established along with a verbal telephone connection it is like having a technician sitting next to you in front of your computer. You can both discuss this support needs and visually see how things are done. This is excellent for instructional training, and technical support.

Pro-Tek Technical Services is happy to be able to provide this same type of support through the use of a subscription service we utilize. We utilize a secure internet browser connection between the technicians computer and the client. We however are not limited to providing support only for software products that we sell. We offer three levels of technical support so that you only pay for the level of support that you need. Whether it be basic instruction or troubleshooting. Some support can also be provided outside of normal business hours by appointment.

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