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Pro-Tek Technical Services has been providing primarily on-site technical support and training since 1987. We have provided support and custom solutions primarily to small business and individuals. We have also provided customized solutions for disabled individuals to both State and Federal agencies. 

We have built computers customized to the needs of our customers, utilizing the vast resources of a distributor who carries over 150 product lines and has over 15,000 of the most in-demand products. Our value added services along with these business class product solutions ensure that you get what you need, rather than cheaply produced consumer class products stuffed with a lot of junk- ware.

Our owner Bob Plumley has specialized in voice dictation technology primarily with Dragon Systems products since 1996. These products have been primarily designed for business professional use, such as is needed in the medical or legal fields. In many cases voice technology has been used to assist physically and mentally disabled individuals, allowing them better computer access and productivity. Bob has provided these types of solutions over the last 10 years to the Department of Veterans Affairs through an independent living program, with success for our Veterans in many cases.

Currently we are dedicated to providing basic but functionally important products and services that will allow you to avoid many of the headaches that go along with computer ownership. We stress data protection by maintaining good (automated) backup procedures, affordable easy to use technical support, and reliable hardware solutions.

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